Lola was not just property. She was our dog.

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  Puptrotters caused #LosingLola. In Loving Memory (  9/1/14 - 7/26/17)

Puptrotters caused #LosingLola. In Loving Memory (9/1/14 - 7/26/17)

A Call To Action for Pet Caretakers

This is a call for Puptrotters, and all animal caretakers, to treat our dogs like we want our precious dogs to be taken care of. This is about our best friends, and about keeping them safe. We do not want Lola to have died in vain. Please share our story. We hope this will never happen to you.

Lola’s owners had a collective 40 years of dog experience at the time of her death. We have never before witnessed such negligence and a lack of empathy from people who are meant to “care for your pup the way you do”.

Lola died under extremely negligent care of a small NYC dog walking business, Puptrotters. They sent a substitute walker we never met. He used an XL collar and leash (that wasn't even ours) on Lola. Our neighbor told him he was walking the dogs much too loosely. Unsurprisingly, Lola slipped out. The walker chased her, and she was hit by a car within minutes. We found her and the walker at the scene of the incident on the sidewalk close to our apartment. Lola was in a pizza box.

Potentially worse than the events leading up to Lola's death, was how the death was (or wasn't) handled afterwards. We received no formal apology or ownership taken for the fatal acts they committed. Puptrotters hides behind lies on its website (“we insist on quality and customer satisfaction, or you do not pay”, not true), and refuses to tell its clients what happened. To our knowledge, Puptrotters didn’t fire the person who, in the company’s name, made such heinous errors that a life was lost. They proposed a highly unsatisfactory offer to come to the table to make this right for us and their clients. 

Puptrotters insurance agent (the only person who will speak with us about this) claim the law considers dogs personal property, but we cannot accept that. We have been silent, because we’ve been hurting — until now.As dog owners, we know how special a bond we have— and our dog caretakers should know this too.

We want to make ourselves completely clear about Puptrotters. This is not a personal attack on Jordan, the CEO, or even the company. This is definitely not about money. So many articles are now out in the news now about WagRover and others losing dogs — with fewer found than not. There are around 80 million dogs in the US. At least 4 million, or 5%, are reported lost each year (source: Nuzzle). Sadly, the true number of lost pets is even higher than that as not everyone reports their dog missing, and many are found dead — like Lola. The statistics are both alarming and depressing. 

We know accidents happen, but there are ways to stay safe. Please do your diligence on who is caring for your dog. Ask if they’ve had incidents before, and how they handle accidents or emergencies. Do you best to ensure they will listen to your instructions. Always keep ID on your dog, and register their microchip. Keep informed about how to handle lost dogs (for example: don’t chase them. They will run). 

Jordan, the very best of luck to you in your future endeavors. We hope dog walking is not one of them. See you in court.

The story of how Lola passed under Puptrotter's care.